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Earth Movers – Automation System

EARTH MOVERS AUTOMATION SYSTEM  is the cloud based web application with Login Functionality to provide secure and long-term data storage for local Earth Movers businesses.

This application handles all vehicle/machine expense details, project/work expenses and billing details, labor salary and machine maintenance data management to help us to stay update with business growth.




– Login functionality to keep secured access to application.


– We are able to see all employee, work, machines, expenses analytical data at DAHSBOARD.


– Managing(Add/ Edit/ Delete/ List) Labor using types like DRIVER, BIGARI, JCB DRIVER and set their Salary type like DAILY/MONTHLY.


– We are able to maintain Machines Data and set their per hour rate.


– Manage OIL/ DIESEL / PETROL purchase and use for particular Vehicle/ Machine etc.


– We can manage Vehicles/Machines services/ maintenance entries to generate profit/ loss & expenditure statements.


–  Labor advance payment transactions management and get those reflected while paying salaries.


– Manage Labor Attendance on Daily Basis and get auto-calculated salary for all Labors.


– Create the Project/ Work Entries


– Labor Salaries management, see salary history/ advance history for labors.


– Manage Projects/ Work and see automatic Profit-Loss statement, GST amount for that particular project.


– We can manage Billing Details, manage all payment transactions and see how much payment is received and how much is in balance.


– Also, we can manage GST tax values to perform auto-calculation of bills and project costs.


– Application is mobile responsive, we can use on mobiles and tabs as well.



And most important benefit is that we can see which project/ work cost for resources we allocated and provides us the details to see whether we are in profit or loss.

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