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JW Admin – Loan & Billing System

JW ADMIN LOAN AND BILLING SYSTEM is one of the best application to automate the billing system,managing gold loan accounts and auto-generating receipts in PDF formats.




– It is the cloud based software with login functionality to keep all data secure.


– Accepts all billing details and generates reports accordingly.


– Manages gold loan process and accounts.


– Generates gold loan details statements in PDF format.


– Automatically manages PENDING and PAID loan and bill status.


– Generates daily and last week loan details for Gold Loan Accounts.


– We can get the bill balance details, loan transactions for particular account.


– We do not need to do manual calculation for bill item final cost and total bill amount. Just enter the number of grams, making charges and cost per gram for bill item and see how the whole bill is automatically generated.


– Helps us to find how much amount has to be collected from particular customer.


– As it is the mobile responsive, we can use this application on mobile or tablet as well.


– Manages the profile settings.


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