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Document Digitization Services

Ideate Systems India has introduced a new trend in document digitization services in India. Which helps numerous organizations in the nation to adapt to a paperless method of data storage.

We help with the conversion of your existing documents to their digital format which can essentially be preserved as long as you desire.

We digitize and convert all the required documents into a format of your desire over numerous types of media platform.


Document Digitization Services at Ideate Systems India comes with numerous benefits which include:


– Easy cloning, preservation as well as access to the details.

– No need to search manually into stack of documents and files.

– Save money over unnecessary maintenance of documents – Saves money spent on human resources, electricity, space, conservation, preservation, retrieval, etc.

– Digitized documents can easily be stored in a possible platform of your desire.

– Fast sharing as well as transfer via different means of data transfer like email, cloud storage, etc.

– Compatible with various data transfer platforms.

– Secure sharing option via encrypted URL or mail attachment.

– Easy to search whenever required from any part of the world.

– Save documents for long life.


Our process for document digitization services is carried out as below:

– Study the documents types and sizes

– Arrange the documents and do proper labeling (on demand)

– Document Scanning

– Storing/converting in preferred formats

– Ensuring all the quality scanning/cropping results

– Indexing all the documents

– Use iDMS software developed by Ideate Systems India to search/share/print the documents. (on demand)


All these steps are carried out in a proper manner to ensure good quality results.

We take care of any kind of security issues that might arise from the documents carrying critical information. We employ the practice of proper ethics for document digitization services to ensure that your document is safe and secure.


What kind of documents come in the document digitization services provided by Ideate Systems India?


– Digitization of Books, Corporate and Government documents:

At Ideate Systems India, we focus on the bringing the best technologies to the customers to successfully turn the documents into a digital version.

Digitization of books ensures that a version of that creative art remains alive beyond the grasp of time.

A digitized version of books/documents provided by our team helps anyone and everyone get access to the same via numerous platforms.

The method applied by our team for corporate and government document digitization involves highly secure ethics, to ensure that all the confidential details are never disclosed.

– Digitization of Manuscripts:

We also provide document digitization services for the manuscript to help transform your hand-written manuscripts into a digital version of the same.

As a result, you will be able to maintain manuscripts for long life.

We take care of original manuscripts while digitization to keep them as original as possible.

– Digitization of Medical records & X-rays:

Medical records and X-rays are fairly important. This helps the doctor provide a better solution for any future conditions.

However, we need to digitize medical records to save from getting spoiled due to the natural causes or any accidental causes.

Therefore, medical record digitization is highly important. You can access the same anytime you desire without having to worry about losing them even after decades.


Ideate Systems India uses various technologies for digitization of documents which includes ICR, OMR, and OCR.

And the efficient use of these three technologies helps our team to convert any kind of document into its digital form without having to worry about missing any information due to improper scanning techniques.

Ideate Systems India converts any scanned information into an editable format with advanced data extraction techniques.

Finally, We provide you an easy, safe and cost-effective solutions under document digitization services.

Call us or drop a message/email for more information.